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Bree earns her ONYX (20,000) point title anchoring the fly ball run. She has her own cheering squad!

Dear Dr. Johnson and Staff:

Thank you so much for fixing my knee so I can run and hunt again. You were all so nice to me and my Mommy. Just this week I felt well enough that I went in my backyard & started sniffing and chasing the birds. I even felt good enough to go to my Valentines Day party at daycare today to play with my friends. Also, thank you for easing my Mommy’s mind. I’m an only child and she worries about me a lot but you made her feel so relieved. I promised her I would be careful with my other knee but you know it’s hard to keep a hunting dog down! I’ve attached some pictures of me playing to show you how happy I am.


CoCo Chanel Duoto

Four years after amputation, Guess is still racing! Enjoy the video!