You Are In Good Hands!

Our surgery and outpatient clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Johnson, who is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in Small Animal Surgery.

Most of his clients are referred by veterinarians in Houston and throughout Texas. He specializes in a variety of surgical interventions and treats congenital, developmental and traumatic conditions in dogs and cats.

A wonderful track record, 25+ years of practice, and thousands of surgeries attest to Dr. Johnson’s commitment to restoring the health of dogs and cats so they can live long, happy lives.

What to Expect

We are pet owners just like you and are absolutely devoted to your pet’s best interests. Our team includes nurses and expert technicians who love their profession and practice honesty, integrity, and compassion. Although surgery can be a scary ordeal, our mission is to help you and your pet achieve the very best possible outcome.

We appreciate our repeat clients!

We appreciate our repeat clients!

At Animal Surgery Center of Houston you can expect:

  1. A friendly environment
  2. A pristine surgical center
  3. Consultations that answer every question
  4. Aftercare instructions that help in the recovery and rehabilitation process.

Our nursing staff closely monitors our patients, delivers medications, helps manage pain, and comforts your pet. We welcome your calls and provide support during the pre-operative and post-operative stages. In fact, we consider our patients to be part of the family. It is an honor that many pet owners return to us through the years when their new pets require surgery.

No dog or cat should have to suffer when a surgical solution is available. Please consult with us so that we can address the debilitating issues affecting your pet.